About Alphacon

Alphacon Logistics International Corporation, also known as “Alphacon”, is a registered freight forwarding company and a General Sales Agent (GSA) for BTC Aviation Services and Cargo Sales Agent for AirAsia.

Established on April 5, 2019, inspired by the desire to serve the requirements of both businesses and individuals. Alphacon has partnered with the most competitive carriers in the world, including Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific, Qatar Airways, Gulf Air, Kuwait Airways, Saudia Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Turkish Airlines, Qantas Airways, and many more.

Our Values

These are the values that shape the character and culture of our company.

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Integrity, Trust, Right Attitude, and Reliability

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Industry expertise, capabilities, and resources

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Strategic relations both local and global

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To be the most influential logistics company providing end-to-end unique solutions to exporters, importers, forwarders, and airlines anywhere in the world.

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Dedicated to the highest quality of service to our global and local customers and partners, powered by technology, highly skilled people, and our extensive network.

Team Members


Engr. Vergil J. Bargola

President & CEO

A visionary leader who provides business direction and renders major corporate decisions. Leads the development of the company’s short and long-term strategy.


Delhia M. Bargola

Senior Vice President & CFO

Ensures the long-term financial health of the organization and manages the day-to-day cash-flow, financial planning, forecasting, and budget monitoring, documentation, and record-keeping.


Gerry Foliente

VP for Operations / Director

Performs general management of Alphacon including sales & marketing, operations, and finance.


Versean M. Bargola

Chief Information Officer

In-charge of leading the company’s use of technology and engages development done by the Information Technology group. He also functions as the Corporate Secretary of the organization.


Leo Fuentes

Projects Manager

Responsible for all project shipments and domestic services by land and sea.


Johannah Martin

Airfreight Relationship Manager

In-charge of airline GSA business and airfreight forwarding both domestic and internationally.


Peter Luzon

Operations Manager / Director

Provides operations support to all service centers of the company including Customs Clearance.


Rhea Cuevas Cutchon

Domestic Manager

In charge of all domestic shipments from Sales & Marketing, Operations, and Invoicing. Serves all domestic total logistics needs of customers.


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