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Sea freight shipping is a process of transporting large amounts of products and goods via carrier ships. Products and goods are loaded into large containers and then carried out onto a vessel. A typical cargo ship can accommodate around 20,000 containers. It only means that sea freight services are a cost-efficient method to deliver huge quantities over further distances.

There are four common ways in which sea freight shipping can be delivered:

  • LCL (Less than Container Load): It is where products and goods share into one container as you may not be able to meet a full container’s price. Once the ship has reached its destination, goods, and products inside the containers will be divided.
  • FCL (Full Container Load): When you purchased a sea freight shipping service for one or more full containers to deliver your goods on a ship.
  • Dry Bulk Shipping: It is commonly used for particular items placed into the ship’s account rather than traveling in a vessel.
  • RORO (Roll On Roll Off): It is where your goods and products do not leave the vessel they are in to go onto the carrier ship. The vessel simply drives onto the carrier ship and then drives off at the dropping point.

How Does Sea Freight Services Work?

Sea freight shipping is a special method that completes a supply chain network. Some businesses choose to utilize a 3PL to have their products delivered legally and safely. One of the most beneficial advantages of partnering with the best freight forwarders such as Alphacon Logistics is that they are experts and have the appropriate experiences about the shipping process, both local and international.

Once you have partnered with trusted sea freight services forwarders like Alphacon Logistics, they will gather the products and goods from your supplier and transfer them through the port. More importantly, don’t forget that delivery times may include delays as they will pass through customs.

Who Uses Sea Freight Services for Shipments?

Sea freight shipping is commonly used by businesses or individuals from anywhere else in the world. For those individuals who buy stock overseas, sea freight services would be a perfect choice. Because sea freight services the cheapest shipping method. So, if your business is all about importing, then picking sea freight services as your shipping method would be the most cost-efficient alternatives for you.

How Long Does Sea Freight Services Take?

For the sea freight services to land at its designated location, there are some factors to consider.

  • The time spent on the sea and the time spent on transport from door to door is different.
  • FCL (Full Container Load): When you purchased a sea freight shipping service for one or more full containers to deliver your goods on a ship.
  • The location on where the products and goods came from before the sea freight services takes off.
  • Delays from unexpected circumstances are also unavoidable at some point.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Sea Freight Services

Below are some advantages of utilizing sea freight services to transport your goods and products:

  • Inexpensive for long distances destinations.
  • Cost-effective compared to other shipping methods.
  • Most carbon-efficient shipping solution.
  • Easy to transport heavy and large packages.

No matter how effective sea freight services are, there will always be disadvantages that await:

  • Slowest shipping services for moving goods and products.
  • Fees are unsustainable for smaller amounts of products and goods.

Sea freight services are both environmentally and economically helpful to other types of goods delivery service; however, it is perfect for large and bulky shipments, and if the destination is far from one another.

If you want to check our rates, you may request a quote with us and we’ll get back to you promptly with the detailed pricing information.

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