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Project Cargo Services with Alphacon Logistics

When it comes to shipping large, out-of-gauge (OOG), and heavy lift cargo from destination A to destination B, there are things you need to assess to ensure that the cargo services are on-time and without any hidden charges. These kinds of cargo services are commonly known as project cargo.

What is Project Cargo Services?

Project cargo, or heavy lift cargo service, are special types of freight and cargo services that imply high-volume and high-price. In some cases, project cargo is so complicated to organize since it requires changing the specific time frames, infrastructures, handling equipment, a combination of codes, and other complex requirements.

Heavy lift cargo services can transfer to both national or global areas. The only difference in project cargo shipment is an unusual amount and types of cargo. Generally, building agencies, mining, oil, and gas are the most common industries requiring project cargo services.

Project cargo services may consist of multiple or single deliveries, cater to a larger amount of cargo, and utilize different transportation modes. This type of logistics service needs logistics experts that will execute the planning and action promptly and adequately.

What Do Project Cargo Services Providers Do?

Project cargo services providers or freight forwarders such as Alphacon Logistics should have the highest level of expertise and connections in the industry. It needs to have an outstanding possible level of management skills due to the complication of the process. Aside from that, out-of-gauge (OOG) and heavy lift cargo services provider should also have exceptional communication skills to have connections with the following:

  • Shippers
  • Consignees
  • Suppliers of unconventional transport equipment
  • Airport and Seaport authorities
  • Other regulatory agencies that are also involved in the supply chain.

For some instances, the heavy lift cargo shipping forwarder must have a smooth relationship with your chosen freight forwarder company.

To get started, here are the following steps to understand project cargo transportation management:

  • Pre-planning

    Planning is the most critical step in project cargo services management; from securing the appropriate capacity and vehicles to risk management, every bit of project cargo matters. Aside from the outstanding operations, correct planning can significantly lessen your business fees and remove the risks via en route.

  • Strategy

    In every strategy, there will always be some unanticipated scenarios that can affect your pre-planning. It’s crucial to create alternative solutions or a backup plan if something unexpected happens. Ensure that you have the appropriate solution on stand-by to ensure success with all of your out-of-gauge (OOG) and heavy lift cargo deliveries.

  • Execution

    Once all the plans are settled, and in place, it’s the perfect time to start transporting all the goods and products. Every location, such as different countries, has different rules and regulations, customs compliances, exemptions, documents, and other requirements that your chosen freight forwarder company like Alphacon Logistics must follow at all cost.

    Without experts in the industry as your experienced project cargo manager from Alphacon Logistics, you may not be able to complete all the requirements to have successful deliveries from the designated location.

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