Alphacon Logistics Guide to Warehousing Services

Warehousing and fulfillment services are a vital part of your supply chain. Both inventory and warehouse storage affect all processes, from efficiently handling the inventory to placing orders and being received by customers promptly.

The principles of warehousing and fulfillment services don’t change from the past few years; warehousing services and their solutions have experienced evolution based on the market’s current demand.

Together with the new urbanization, the continuously changing and growing industry of online shopping, new technologies, warehousing services has never been a new issue - so much that it comes up to a point where businesses experience a shortage of warehouse storage space.

What is Warehousing Services?

Warehousing services is an act of storing the physical products and goods before being sold to customers. Warehouse storage will safely and securely hold your business’s products and goods systematically to monitor where the items are placed when they arrived, how long the products have been present from the storage, and the number of items on hand.

In the most common scenario, like in eCommerce, items are being stored until a product is bought online. At this point, the product is set to be shipped directly to customers from the location in which it was being kept.

In a traditional store, the inventory might be temporarily placed in warehouse storage before it’s delivered to the customers. And for small businesses or start-ups, warehousing services can be done at home until supplies and inventory outgrow the current space. When it happens, a company will need to rent a warehouse storage space. Others lease a place, or they simply outsource warehousing and fulfillment services to a third-party like Alphacon Logistics or just store their inventory within their facility.

Essential Key Elements of Warehousing Services

Warehousing services are the heart of any business that sells physical products. And some of the essential parts of warehousing and fulfillment services include warehouse operations, warehouse management, and warehouse management systems.

  • Warehouse Operations

    It refers to the warehousing services procedures that occur inside the warehouse that involve the movements of the products and inventory tracking.

    Warehousing and fulfillment services include procedures such as receiving the item, then placing each of the products its designated SKU in a separate storage space locations such as bin, pallet, or shelf, and sending the item to its next designation.

    Effective warehousing services help businesses keep:

    • Inventory received and be shipped promptly
    • Space below intended capacity
    • Staffs productive
    • Enough quantities of goods and products on hand
    • Costs minimal
    • Customers satisfied
    • Tools and equipment utilized effectively

  • Warehouse Management

    It is a warehousing services process of the day-to-day running operations inside warehouse storage to improve, promote, and secured operational excellence. Managing whole warehouse storage means overseeing all the staff, equipment, relationships with shipping carriers, inventory, training, and other moving items.

  • Warehouse Management Systems

    It is a software that gives the appropriate tools to handle warehousing services operations and track inventory movement to save more time and remove the traditional manual processes. Warehouse management systems help optimize the business’ inventory storage, workload distribution, warehousing services operations, inventory tracking, and shipping.

    These kinds of warehousing solutions provide you extraordinarily real-time result into every action happens inside the

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