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Air Freight Services with Alphacon Logistics

Air freight cargo is a type of logistics service for the shipment of goods through an air carrier. Air freight services are a popular option for many large companies and corporations in the Philippines. Air freight services ensure the movement of goods and products to anywhere, both local and international, through an aircraft that can fly and land to its designated location. Products transferred through air freight services have the utmost advantage of delivering to their final destination faster than shipment via land, which is highly recommended for a time-sensitive shipment.

Air freight cargo services enable small to medium-sized business owners to experience international trading as fulfilling as larger companies do. Moreover, products transported via an air carrier have a maximum security level compared to other logistics services, making it one of the most secure methods of transporting goods and products.

There are options to choose from to systemize an air freight cargo delivery:

  • Back to Back or Direct Services - air freight services that contain a single shipment.
  • Consolidated Freight - it’s a flight that involves many shipments.
  • Charter services - an air freight cargo service where an air carrier is used for a single air freight shipment.

These deliveries will either be on hold of a regular aircraft passenger or in a dedicated cargo air vehicle, which can accommodate many shipments in one flight.

How Does Air Freight Services Work for Shipments?

In most common scenarios, air freight services are handled by an experienced cargo freight logistics company like Alpahcon Logistics. Freight logistics can accommodate large numbers of companies’ shipments via air, sea, land, and railroad to deliver goods and products on behalf of a particular business. There are also freight forwarders who partnered up with a trusted logistics company to fulfill air freight cargo shipment duties and responsibilities. Logistics companies such as Alphacon Logistics can provide a smooth shipment process giving business owners the peace of mind that their products will be delivered to their designated location.

These are the typical steps to acquire shipment of your products via air freight services:

  • Choose a reliable and trustworthy air freight company like Alphacon Logistics and negotiate your products’ shipment price.
  • The logistics company will arrange for your products to be fetched pre-packed or set the packing to be done before the scheduled transportation.
  • The products will be transferred to the airport and will be screened through Customs checks.
  • The products will be loaded onto the air carrier vehicle.
  • When the products arrive at the designated location, the cargo will be screened for another Customs inspection. It will not be released into the designated location until all the taxes and obligations are paid.
  • The air freight cargo is delivered to its designated receiver as per the agreement with your chosen logistics company.

Why Do Business Owners Opt Air Freight Services?

Air freight services are a convenient and cost-effective way to ship products to your valued customers. Moreover, reputable logistics companies such as Alphacon Logistics have vast knowledge and expertise in air freight services. They have an excellent process of importing and exporting goods and products that can help businesses save more money and time.

If you want to check our rates, you may request a quote with us and we’ll get back to you promptly with the detailed pricing information.

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