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Faster Domestic Shipping Services with Alphacon Logistics

Domestic shipping means you’re only allowed to a specific shipping area - and your door to door delivery service - is limited within the Philippines. You can opt for a range of domestic shipping choices to transfer and move your goods and products on behalf of your business, from valuable documents and parcels to small and large equipment.

Moreover, domestic shipping provides a fast and secure door to door delivery service for your goods and products. Trusted and reliable domestic freight forwarder companies such as Alphacon Logistics can give you peace of mind for your shipping needs.

Why Choose Domestic Shipping?

Depending on your business’s products and requirements, you may ship products internationally; however, if you’re a start-up, the most common shipping option you’re going to use is domestic shipping. For small business owners, import and export duties can be a cause of headaches. It involves calculating shipping fees and the length of deliveries to foreign customers, which can be time-consuming. Depending on your current business profit and margins and your customer’s expenses, these reasons can significantly impact your sales impractical.

To compare, the domestic shipping market in the Philippines is more reachable and attainable than shipping internationally. In many scenarios, domestic freight forwarder such as Alphacon Logistics provides fixed shipping rates and expected delivery dates, in which you can pass on to your customers.

Domestic Shipping Pricing Options

Below are the typical pricing options for a door to door delivery service:

  • Dead Weight

    This kind of domestic shipping pricing option is based on your parcel’s weight, regardless of its size. In most common cases, postal couriers are using this type of pricing option.

  • Flat Rate

    Domestic freight forwarder like Alphacon Logistics offers flat rate domestic shipping pricing to its clients. It’s a pricing option when one price is charged for the parcels, regardless of their weight. Usually, a domestic freight forwarder has a designated size for a box and will set the flat rate shipping fee to it; regardless of what goods and products you put in the box and its weight, you will be charged accordingly to one price.

  • Volumetric Weight

    In logistics, it is also known as dimensional weight. This domestic shipping pricing option is calculated by multiplying the width, length, and height of a parcel and dividing it using a cubic divisor. It is commonly used by express couriers to finalize its pricing structure to ensure that packages are packed as precisely as possible to lessen the space needed on a delivery truck or plane.

Domestic Shipping Delivery Time

Domestic shipping such as door to door delivery service leads time depending on the distance your parcels is traveling and the shipping service option you opt for from your domestic freight forwarder company.

Usually, it takes about 2-8 business days for a domestic shipping service to deliver your shipment. For shipment that needs to be delivered the next possible business day, an express service provider is a good option.

Domestic Shipping Calculation

As a business owner that prefers to save more money when it comes to shipping, you can opt to charge your customers the exact fees based on the shipment’s dimensions, weight, distance, or you can offer a flat rate door to door delivery service shipping option.

If you want to check our rates, you may request a quote with us and we’ll get back to you promptly with the detailed pricing information.

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